Launched just before I moved to Asia, Feminist Footprints has three missions: to share what I have learned and experienced in my two decades of solo travel around the world, to highlight the lives and travel experiences of other women, and to shine a spotlight on women artists, activists, intellectuals, and issues that grab my attention.

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Summer Flashback I

Believe in yourself, not only in swimming, but in life itself. You always have to have fun. You have to have an open mind. If you're not enjoying it, don't do it. Life's too short.---Debbie Meyer Greeting fellow lovers of adventure and travel. It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere and as we bask in the sun or avoid it; as we shave our legs or say fuck it; and as we try and come up with the perfect summer playlist and cocktail---vodka, grapefruit syrup, seltzer, and lemon---it’s time to relax and let the slowly revolving axis and the sun do their work. And in that sunny vein, I’m taking July and August off. During the dog days of summer, instead of a new travel tale, I will be re-posting fr

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