Launched just before I moved to Asia, Feminist Footprints has three missions: to share what I have learned and experienced in my two decades of solo travel around the world, to highlight the lives and travel experiences of other women, and to shine a spotlight on women artists, activists, intellectuals, and issues that grab my attention.

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My Second Annual Year In Pix (Re-post)

Looking back at my life's voyage, I can only say that it has been a golden trip. ~~Ginger Rogers Just as I can’t believe American women are still fighting for bodily autonomy in 2019, I also can’t believe it’s June already! Continuing my tradition, Feminist Footprints: Travel with a feminist eye is taking a break for the summer. June, July, and August will be re-posts of blogs from earlier in the year or perhaps from a year further back. Summertime is a perfect time to catch up as you fritter away the hot summer days and plot how to once and for all convince the religious right that women’s rights are human rights. Happy summer! Two Years! It’s been two years since I decided to share my trav

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