Launched just before I moved to Asia, Feminist Footprints has three missions: to share what I have learned and experienced in my two decades of solo travel around the world, to highlight the lives and travel experiences of other women, and to shine a spotlight on women artists, activists, intellectuals, and issues that grab my attention.

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A Plan! A Dress! Oui!

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan~~~Eleanor Roosevelt I adore Paris. Cliché as hell? Yes. True? Yes. Growing up, I was obsessed with Italy, then Ireland, and then France. Italy was awesome both times I’ve traveled there, especially Rome. Rome was a revelation! Ireland was great, but I need more time there to really take it in. Plus, I missed my opportunity to ride a horse across the Irish countryside, so I will definitely return. I have enjoyed every country I’ve experienced so far. There is something to recommend England and Aruba, something to recommend Greece and Puerto Rico, and so on. But my heart and stomach always draw me back to Paris, to France. Cliché as hell? Yes.

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