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              Mourning Becomes Her: a novella


Broadway baby Antigone Clark, fresh from her triumphant theater debut, is ready for her close-up when her mother succumbs to cancer and then her boyfriend kicks her out on the day of the funeral. Thrown off balance by grief for a woman she thought she despised, she fears she will exit stage left with sorrow and anger, when Baldwin Dahl takes center stage. Mr. Right, on and off the boards, Baldwin challenges Antigone's desire to self-destruct. Antigone challenges Baldwin's right to mind her business. Sparks fly and many bottles of top-shelf gin go the way of ancient Greece as the thespians navigate their burgeoning careers and their tumultuous love affair.

Director of Communications, The Harlem Writers Guild.


Editor/Writer/Designer, Harlem Writes Blog 


Sole Proprietor & Head of Marketing for Noir A-Go Go. A boutique, online company. NAGG offers black pinup girl-themed gifts and accessories.

The company is currently on hiatus as we work on new designs, but please reach out with any questions or suggestions


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