Baby Steps With Feminist Footprints

Stay tuned for the launching of my new blog Feminist Footprints. In this space, I will share insights on past journeys and how they have shaped my life and world view. I will also take you on trips to new vistas where I will reach out to women and girls on my travels and explore how they are living their lives.

There is a whole wide world out there to learn from, why stay in our own backyard?! There is no reason whatsoever and that's why I've decided to take my show on the road and sit down at women's kitchen tables, in their office cafeterias, among their garden flowers and listen. With hope, all of us will listen and learn, and grow.

Whether one calls oneself a feminist, womanist, humanist, or nothing at all, we can learn a lot from one another. I know I am looking forward to leaving my footprints all over the globe in search of wisdom, pain, joy, love, and laughter. I hope your footprints will be right beside mine.

See you soon!

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