Answer Back When The World Comes Calling

The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life.
– Mary Manin Morrissey

The Bridge To Everywhere!
Happy New Year and Happy 4th Feminist Footprints Travel Blog anniversary to one an all!

We went through a hellish 2020 together, and I won’t rehash it. I say good riddance. I prefer to turn my thoughts and pen to the sun and away from the darkness. There is so much pain and suffering in the world. It is much too easy to get lost in it, to drown in it, to be embedded in it like a bug stuck in amber during the Miocene epoch. In the last few years, especially since moving abroad in 2017 and in 2019 when I lost my mom within six months of a stage four lung cancer diagnosis, I have made a herculean, concerted effort to find the positive no matter how small.

Family Makes Everything Possible

It’s raining one moment and snowing the next during your long-planned vacation getaway? Dance in the rain, make snow angels. You’re trapped in the house for months at a time because of a novel bat virus? Take up drawing, perfect your Spanish, sit quietly with your thoughts. Sleep! When you try—as annoying as it may sound—the beauty really is right there in the moment. And I would rather spend my short time here searching for and reveling in the beauty than looking the ugly dead in the eye.

A Taste of South Korea

So, in the spirit of embracing beauty and light and casting out meanness and disappointment, please enjoy pictures I snapped the few times I was able to escape my house during the Year of Our Lord Covid-19.


Here is to a vaccine that is free and equitably distributed to all. Here is to our tax dollars being spent on all who need it during this terrible time. Here is to leaving 45’s administration and its merry band of criminals on the ash heap of history where they belong. Here is to the United States’ first woman Vice President. Here is to kicking Covid-19’s ass and getting back out into the world.

Water Invigorates and Calms Me All At Once
May 2020 bring us what we need with a healthy dash of what we want.

Thanks for stopping by! Remember to be kind to one another, keep on traveling with a feminist eye, and keep on being Feminist AF!


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